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Westacre Ltd. is a direct importer of wholesale gifts and have established ourselves as a reputable supplier to the retail trade throughout Ireland.

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Gemstone Earrings & Pendants
Gemstone Earrings GJP01-08
Gemstone Pendants
Natures Gift Spinner Stand (360 pce))
Crystal Charms Pack (35)
Chakra Bracelets Pack
Gemstone Double Point Pendant Pack (12))
Aura Crystal Point Pendant Pack (18)
Quartz Point Pendant Gold 20cm chain
Quartz Point Pendant
Celtic Mood Ring
Heart Mood Ring (48)
Celtic mood Ring  4 Asstd incl stone
Colour Changing Mood Ring
Zodiac Pendant Virgo-Carnelian
Zodiac Pendant Taurus - Rose Quartz
Zodiac Pendant Scorpio - Hematite
Zodiac Pendant Sagittarius - Sodalite
Zodiac Pendant Pisces - Fluorite
Zodiac Pendant Libra - Opalite
Zodiac Pendant Leo - Quartz
Zodiac Pendant Gemini - Gold Tiger Eye
Zodiac Pendant Capricorn - Snowflake Obsidian
Zodiac Pendant Cancer - Aventurine
Zodiac Pendant Aries - Amethyst
Zodiac Pendant Aquarius - Howlite
Zodiac Keyring Virgo - Carnelian
Zodiac Keyring Taurus - Rose Quartz
Zodiac Keyring Scorpio - Hematite
Zodiac Keyring Sagittarius - Sodalite
Zodiac Keyring Pisces - Fluorite
Zodiac Keyring Libra - Opalite
Zodiac Keyring Leo - Quartz
Zodiac Keyring Gemini - Gold Tiger Eye
Zodiac Keyring Capricorn - Snowflake Obsidian
Zodiac Keyring Cancer - Aventurine
Zodiac Keyring Aries - Amethyst
Zodiac Keyring Aquarius - Howlite
Zodiac Bracelet Virgo - Carnelian
Zodiac Bracelet Taurus - Rose Quartz View details
Zodiac Bracelet Scorpio - Hematite
Zodiac Bracelet Sagittarius - Sodalite
Zodiac Bracelet Pisces - Fluorite
Zodiac Bracelet Libra - Opalite
Zodiac Bracelet Leo - Quartz
Zodiac Bracelet Gemini - Gold Tiger Eye
Zodiac Bracelet Capricorn - Snowflake Obsidian
Zodiac Bracelet Cancer - Aventurine
Zodiac Bracelet Aries - Amethyst
Zodiac Bracelet Aquarius - Howlite
Crystal Energy Pendant Gold Tigers Eye
Crystal Energy Pendant Sodalite
Crystal Energy Pendant Snowflake Obsidian
Crystal Energy Pendant Rose Quartz
Crystal Energy Pendant Quartz
Crystal Energy Pendant Opalite
Crystal Energy Pendant Howlite
Crystal Energy Pendant Hematite
Crystal Energy Pendant Fluorite
Crystal Energy Pendant Carnelian
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